Hey guys!

So, after spending countless weekends watching YouTube videos and reading too many blogs, I have to decided why not try it?
Obviously I don’t want to go straight into YouTube because the thought of sitting in front of a camera and talking about things that most people might not be interested in doesn’t really appeal to me at the moment so I thought that a blog would be an easier way to start off!

I guess I better talk about who I am and why the hell I thought this would be a good idea so, for those who don’t know me already (which probably won’t be a lot of you…), I’m Rosie.  I’m 17 and am currently studying for my A Levels which are Graphics, Art and Media Studies – why I chose to do 3 coursework subjects at A2 I don’t know and I am definitely paying the price for it at the moment!  Alongside my A Levels, I am also one of 2 Deputy Head Girls for my school which is definitely my most favourite part of school at the minute – I love the organisational side of it and the fact that we are in charge of all our Leavers celebrations is super exciting!

My life outside of school is just average, if I’m honest, as I live in a small village with not a lot of people my age and the fact that all my friends live outside of our local town makes meeting up so much harder however the fact that I passed my driving test at the beginning of this summer makes travelling a lot easier and my car is like my little baby!

My family and my lovely boyfriend, Peter, are my rock.  Although Peter is away for most of the year at university, we do talk every day and now that he’s in his 2nd year, it seems kind of normal that he is roughly 200 miles away…  However, we’ve never been the “cringey” sort of couple and I know it annoys some people when others talk about their relationships but after being together for over 3 and a half years, I don’t know what I’d do without him.

I am an aspiring Graphic Designer and I literally don’t know what else I would do with my life if it wasn’t something in the creative and design sector.  I want my designs to change the way people see an opinion or a specific topic and really make a mark in their minds.

The main reason I’ve started to write a blog is so I can use it as a form of escapism as I never been one to handle stress well and I usually need something to take my mind of the stress of school and friendships and there’s only so many “de-stressing baths” you can take before you end up looking like a prune!

My blog posts will hopefully range from topics that most people have heard of such as articles in the news or maybe some times something closer to home and a bit more personal.  Hopefully you guys will enjoy it and I’ll try to post once a week and I will really appreciate feedback whether it be through Twitter, Facebook or just a text or whatever, I want to know if I actually make a difference to someone’s day.

Thanks for reading if you did stick it out to the end of my first post! X


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